Terra Arquitectura Paisagista

Quinta do Sobral

Quinta do Sobral recuperation project

Quinta do Sobral, Agrela, Santo Tirso

This Quinta with about 7 hectares was owned by Mr. Augusto Carneiro Pacheco, and was part of Quinta da Agrela, one of the first projects by the landscape architect Francisco Caldeira Cabral and the architect Raul Lino. The intervention in the Main House and Quinta da Agrela dates from 1945 to 1949. Quinta do Sobral, now separated from Quinta da Agrela, is a property that had essentially an agricultural use, with a plantation of Orchards, namely Orange and Almond groves. Built in the early 40’s, with 4 tanks and 4 mine openings, which continues to be used today. This water system, as well as the structure of terraces and dry stone walls on the property built on the same date, were also an object of study for the requalification that is intended for this Quinta with historical contexts.

Architecture: Luis Francisco Choupina (CHO.A), Caio Cavalcanti.